A Federal Agency Lifecycle Case Study

Insights into how OMB's 25-Point Plan might be implemented, in part, using the Object Management Group's Software Process Engineering (SPEM) Metamodel and the Eclipse Process Framework.



"But despite spending more than $600 billion on information technology over the past decade, the Federal Government has achieved little of the productivity improvements that private industry has realized from IT. Too often, Federal IT projects run over budget, behind schedule, or fail to deliver promised functionality. Many projects use grand design approaches that aim to deliver functionality every few years, rather than breaking projects into more manageable chunks and demanding new functionality every few quarters." Vivek Kundra, 2010

As-Is Artifacts

To-Be Goals

Lifecycle Choices

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Embed CMMI-DEV Requirements Development in Unified Method Architecture

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Unified Method Architecture (UMA)CMMI-DEVUMA Category
Content Package (Subpractices)TasksContent
Standard Content (Disciplines)Requirements Development 
Process PackageProcess AreaProcess
Capability PatternSpecific Goal (AnalyzeAndValidateRequirements) 
ActivitySpecific Practice (EstablishOperationalScenarios) 
Task DescriptorSub-Practice (DevelopOperationalScenarios) 

Activity Semantics

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Elaborating a Content Package

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